There Have Always Been Priestesses

Women of Power

There Have Always Been Priestesses...
Women of power
In tune with the sacred.
Sisters, daughters, mothers, and crones,
All birthing, bleeding, healing, and deathing together.
There have always been priestesses...
In all sacred societies,
Women are honored for their unique power and abilities,
Carrying the codes of the womb-creatrix.
Women are the life-givers,
The care-givers, and midwives -
Keepers of sacred wisdom
Applied to love, life and death.
Today, we are bringing the role of priestess back
As a valid station for women in society.
Women of power,
Women of medicine,
Women of wisdom: Remember!
You are eternal.
You are a sovereign,
noble Queen!
And you have a special gift to give the world!
Embody your Divinity,
Claim your sovereignty,
And bless this world with beauty!

Welcome to the Priestess Path!


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