Elizabeth Wilcock

The Lineages of Light


Ancient legends speak of a time when a great civilization flourished on earth that was destroyed in a monumental catastrophe. The wisdom keepers of this high culture were called the Zero Chiefs. They left the sinking land and sailed to the four corners of the earth in order to preserve the sacred knowledge so it would not be lost to history. In his book Seven Arrows, Hyemeyohsts Storm poetically tells of this time.

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These brave and wise Zero Chiefs landed on the continents of North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia to seed the advanced cultures we know today as the Native American Indians, the Mayans, Egyptians, Taoists and the Aborigines. Each Zero Chief held a branch of wisdom that had come directly from Great Mystery, The One, The Light, and established mystery schools to teach and preserve these lineages. These are what are known as the Lineages of Light.

The Lineages of Light

The Lineages of Light are pure lineages with a contiguous line back to the Zero Chiefs of legendary Atlantis, when a great land cradled the wisdom keepers in one bosom. The cataclysm that sank Atlantis forced the High Priests and Priestesses to separate and flee to the corners of the earth in order to preserve and protect sacred wisdom from Source about our origins, our purpose and abilities, and our off-world destiny.

Thanks to this migration, those of us today are able to connect to these lineages of light and receive the magic and blessings that flow from Source, Light, Creator through them. The wisdom for the Lineages of Light nourish and empower our spirits.

There are important reasons for why the Lineages of Light are being shared with the public at this time. In the past, they had to be kept secret so that the wisdom keepers would not be killed. If the wisdom keepers were killed, the lineage would die out. It is the opposite now. Today, if the wisdom from these lineages is to survive, it cannot die out with the keepers. It must be offered to humanity.

When I was little, I wondered why humanity did not live in perfect harmony with the earth, her elements and animals. My spirit was shocked to discover that humans hunted dolphins and whales and bludgeoned baby seals. I was horrified.

I felt as if I had been dropped off and abandoned on a barbaric planet. I did not want to be a part of the desecration of this earth, and wanted nothing to do with what most would call “normal” jobs and normal life. After I completed a two-year Women’s Achievement scholarship in college, I quit to devote my life to the study of mysticism. This quest led me to a deep immersion in the Light Lineages, and later to become a carrier of medicine from them.

My journey through the Lineages of Light resulted in me establishing The Priestess Path Lineages of Light. I founded this Mystery School to preserve the wisdom I have received from serious apprenticeships in the light lineages. In this article, I will share highlights from the major lineages I apprenticed, along with a bit of personal history and some of the highlights of the medicine they carry.

The Shamanic Lineage

One of the oldest lineages on the planet is the shamanic lineage, dating back through at least 40,000 years of human history. A shaman is a medicine man or woman who is the healer and spiritual guide of the community. The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. It translates as “one who sees in the dark,” meaning one who sees that which is unseen. Shamans can see into the spirit world, interact with spirit guides, ancestors and allies, and gain healing and guidance.

This was the first Light Lineage in which I immersed myself. I discovered shamanism when I prayed to heal a five-year battle with a life-threatening eating disorder, bulimia. After being hospitalized and receiving the best medical treatment Western medicine had to offer, I emerged even worse. I was killing myself. I felt utterly powerless to overcome this self-destructive addiction.

My entire childhood had been colored by visitations from spirits, out-of-body experiences, seeing auras, hearing thoughts and experiencing telekinesis. When I discovered the world of the shaman at age 17, I felt a kinship with these people, whose lifestyle was founded on communion with the spirit world.


At age 18 I took my first shamanic workshop with Sandra Ingerman, who at the time was teaching for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS), where I learned shamanic techniques to journey into the spirit world. During this basic shamanic workshop I connected to my guide, whose name is Horus Eagle Hawk, also known as RA. He has been with me ever since.

I never really researched RA. I just enjoyed him as my spirit guide all these years. The extent of his role in history and current events was pretty much unknown to me until recently, when my husband, David Wilcock, introduced me to “The RA Material” three years ago. Additionally, the testimony of one of my husband’s insiders, Corey Goode, includes visitations from a being called RA-Tear-Eir. The “Blue Avians” claimed, through Corey, to be the authors of the RA material, and there are a variety of compelling hints that this is true, including certain personal experiences I have had.

My dedication to the shamanic path revealed a world of spiritual healing and magic that I had only dreamed of. During one shamanic ceremony I did for myself at age 20, I was gifted with a miraculous healing of my eating disorder. The parts of my soul that had fragmented from childhood trauma were all brought back in an orgasmic soul retrieval, orchestrated from the compassionate helping spirits. It was then that I knew I had to follow the path of a mystic and leave the Westernized world of consensus reality and “Tick Tock,” as David Icke calls it, behind.

When I decided to leave college to pursue mysticism, I had a meeting with my mother at a small Mexican cafe in Tucson Arizona, underneath the apartment I lived in at the time. I told her I had to follow my heart and that I was going to quit college. Bless her soul, she was not shifted, nor did she try to convince me otherwise. She accepted my choice and has supported my adventures into the Lineages of Light and the Great Mystery ever since. For ten years, I immersed myself in shamanic study and graduated from the Three Year Course in Advanced Shamanic Healing from the FSS, while continuing to nourish my mystic soul.

The shamanic lineage preserves the wisdom and practice of consciously entering into the spirit world to journey with spirit guides and allies, thereby gaining gifts of healing and guidance. The “shamanic journey,” as it is called, is a powerful tool to directly connect to our spirit guides and the spirit world. I have not found a practice like this in any of the other light lineages I have studied. The shamanic journey and direct connection to the spirit world is the gem that the shamanic lineage passes down to us, as one of the Lineages of Light.


The Martial Art and Taoist Lineages

Another ancient light lineage is that of the sacred warrior lineages of Asia. The Martial Lineages have been passed down to us through Taoism, qigong and a handful of martial art lines.

Qigong is the art of communing with the energy of nature and the cosmos. This ancient practices teaches us to absorb life force energy, or chi, from earthly and heavenly forces to cultivate a strong body, mind and spirit. The ultimate goal of qigong is the inner cultivation of chi and the empowerment of the “Spirit Baby,” which is our light body. Once this is done, the idea is to leave this world intact and to continue our journey in the spirit world without losing our memory of consciousness. The martial arts developed out of qigong as a necessary means to defend the sacred.

I made certain commitments to myself when I chose to heal from bulimia. One commitment was that I would no longer train in activities that had no spiritual root. I had been a National Track runner all throughout Jr. High and High School, and had worn myself down by training very hard while being bulimic throughout my entire track career. I had vowed not to train again until I could find a method of working out that healed the body, rather than breaking it down.

After a ten-year stint with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, my passion for shamanism led me to become a blanketed apprentice to the mixed-blood Native American and Irish shaman, Swiftdeer. Harley Swiftdeer Reagan reported that he had served three tours of Vietnam and was a Kenpo master. My training in this lineage, which included the martial arts, led me to meet and marry a martial art master. This began a twelve-year daily devotional immersion into the art of qigong, Shaolin Martial Arts, Korean martial arts and Taoism. During this time, I earned five black belts, co-owned five martial art schools and became the first female master instructor in our schools.

The Warrior Codes from the Martial Lineage

During my martial art years, I became intimately familiar with the ancient Warrior Codes passed down through the Asian Lineages of Light. These codes trace their origins far back before the beginning of recorded history. The Asian qigong and martial lineages preserve the heart and practices of the sacred warrior. Sacred warriors protect and serve the innocence of all that is feminine.

The feminine is the earth, her elements, her animals and the innocence of the Children’s Fire. This term, “the Children’s Fire,” comes from Swiftdeer, and it means the innocence of the child in us all. Each one of us, male and female, has a sacred warrior within that can be activated and cultivated.

Master Key of Wisdom by Won-suk Kim

Master Key of Wisdom by Won-suk Kim

Many gems are preserved in the Asian lineages, such as the restorative cultivation practices, immortality practices, the most elegant movement arts on the planet, and the sacred Warrior Codes.

The Warrior Codes have been passed down to serious students from the Royal Martial Arts, which is a martial lineage for the Royal Way, or the King’s Path. One of the grandmasters in my martial art lineage is the late Grandmaster John C. Kim, founder of Chung Moo Doe. Just last year, some of the codes from this lineage were published for the first time in the book, The Master Keys of Wisdom by Charles Won-suk Kim. Like much of the lineage wisdom, this once secret wisdom must now be shared with the pubic for it to be preserved as the book clearly states. Grandmaster John. C Kim or Sung Choo Nim is almost solely responsible for the hard-core warrior codes that are carried forth in my martial lineage, which I now am accredited to pass on to my students.

This book is worth a read, but I must say it does not flesh out the codes as clearly as they were taught to me. Volumes can be written on the proper understanding of these codes. Perhaps Volume 2 will have more clear and practical communication of these invaluable warrior codes that Grandmaster Kim preserved for his students and for humanity.

I continue the tradition by sharing the Warrior Codes in The Priestess Path trainings that I offer to women each year. A tremendous amount of suffering could be prevented if we consciously knew and lived by these codes. I see most people sabotage their success due to a basic lack of knowledge of the honorable codes of the sacred warrior, which thereby prevents their practice and implementation. Schools do not teach them, parents do not teach them, and our society does not teach them. This is why I feel the most precious gems that have been passed down to us through the Asian lineages are the codes of honor and respect that are essential to our success in this life and in the next.


The Yogic Lineage

Yoga is another lineage that offers high-level movement that heals the body. Yoga and qigong are from the same root. The yogic tradition, like qigong, also preserves a system of medicine and practices for ascension. Yoga’s medical system is called Ayurveda, and it is a wealth of powerful and elegant cures and practices for body, mind and spirit. Similar to the Warrior Codes that come from the Asian Martial lineage, the yogic lineage also had codes of conduct called the Yamas.

From all the similarities between qigong and yoga, one could suppose that the Zero Chiefs who seeded these lineages were very close to each other, like brother and sister. The sacred disciplines of these lineages overlap with grace and harmony. For example, both lineages have preserved wisdom regarding sacred relationships and sexuality. In yoga, this practice is known as Tantra. In Taoism it is the secret sexual cultivation practices that rejuvenate the body and empower the spirit.

In both lineages, they retain the knowledge of physical movement for the purpose of radiant health and spiritual ascension. Both lineages have an entire system of medicine, whether Traditional Chinese Medicine in Asia or Ayurveda in India. Each lineage has tales of immortals who leave this world in a body of light. Due to these similarities, I feel the Zero Chief originators of Asian and Indian mysticism were closely linked.

I spent some time with the yogic lineage, enough to be Yoga Alliance Certified as a teacher and merge yoga and qigong in our Zen Yoga schools and programs. My passion was more toward the artful and spirited movement found in Wu Shu and Shaolin martial arts, tough and the Zen Yoga program we developed that married the two lineages is alive and well to this day and being taught through the Zen Wellness schools.

The Angelic Lineage

The final Lineage of Light that I would like to speak about is the Angelic lineage. The Angelic lineage is arguably the origin of all the Lineages of Light. Angel literally means “messenger.” These beings have been helping humankind for thousands of years, and have informed much of the light lineages. As an example, the entire Islamic faith is said to have been given to Muhammad by the Archangel Gabriel.

Each of the pure lineages that can be traced back to the Atlantean Zero Chiefs speaks of practices, tools and knowledge gifted by high-level spirit beings. The ancestors of these lineages still help the initiates from their home in the spirit world. Many initiates on the Path begin to be visited by benevolent spirits and angelic guides to help them on their way. Assistance from the angelic spirits is one of the benefits of being under the umbrella of protection in one of these pure lineages.

When I was 18, my best girlfriend from grade school taught me the Archangelic Invocation that was taught to her by her teachers, who then became my teachers as well. This simple, yet powerful invocation became embedded in my memory within seconds, and I have never forgotten it. The effects have been life-long, and I have received angelic assistance countless times since then.

The “Judgment” card of the Tarot

The “Judgment” card of the Tarot

My first angelic experience was during a near-death event on the eve of my 19th birthday. As I left my body, I heard a great trumpeting sound coming from the left. I turned toward the sound and noticed a very large being, about 25 feet tall, making this trumpet sound. I took this to be an angel, and it made me very happy. I then looked around and saw a large group of beings who were cheering for me and greeting me. This also made me feel more comfortable with dying. I had an inner knowing that these light beings were somehow my soul family. A few years later as I became familiar with the Tarot cards, I would find out that the Archangel Gabriel is said to literally trumpet souls from the grave, as in the Judgment card.

The next visitation from an angel was only six months or so later. While at University in Tucson, I had been studying and practicing shamanism and asking for a healing of my eating disorder. Then one night, Archangel Uriel pierced into one of my dreams and was going to dismember me. Terrified of losing control, I told him “No!” He then turned his back to leave when I realized the error of my ways. He was coming to transform me and possibly heal me from this affliction.

Realizing I had made a mistake, I reached out for him and said “Wait!” He turned back to me, pointed at me with his index finger and said in a resounding voice, “We do not work that way!” Then he disappeared. I felt like I had failed. I had turned away an initiation that I had been desperately asking for. I was scared, elated and mystified.

(It is interesting to note that all was not lost. The healing did occur about nine months later, during the private shamanic ceremony that I spoke of earlier.)

Countless times, Archangel Michael has rescued me in my dreams from the evil ones who sometimes show up there. I only have to try to say the Archangelic Invocation and he is there, whisking me away or binding the adversaries.

The latest and some of the most persistent interaction with the angels comes from when I was deeply involved in shamanic plant medicine ceremonies. In order to enter into the spirit world, shamans use various methods of altering brain-wave states. Drumming, singing, fasting and dancing are common ways, as well as the use of plant medicines. For tens of thousands of years shamans, mystics and sages have employed our plant allies to enter the spirit world for healing guidance. The main shamanic lineages I have apprenticed with are Jivaro, Shipibo-Conibo and Ashaninka. These ancient peoples were never conquered by the Spanish, and still preserve their spiritual practices using plant medicines. My passion and commitment to this lineage took me deep into the initiatory path of the shama,n and I have participated in at least 70 Ayahuasca journeys.

Angel Metatron

Angel Metatron

The Angelic Realm opened up during one of these journeys. A portal of light shone high into the heavens. It was a doorway into a direct line of vision into these realms. I could see many angels of all sizes. Some were of average size, some were bigger and then some were gigantic. This portal was open for about 30 of my journey. During that time, many messages and healings took place. It was during this time that the angel Metatron came to me. He simply enveloped me with his light. For hours, I lay on the ground as this golden light pulsed through every cell of my body and being. I could feel the light rumbling through me. At one point, I asked what was this for, since it happened over and over again. Metatron told me that he was getting me tuned to receive more light, simply put. It was one of the most pleasurable and peaceful experiences in my life.

During this time I also witnessed a great gathering of angels in the heavens. I could see this each time the portal to the angelic realm opened. I could see angels joining this great phalanx of golden angels. The largest angels were at the very front, and many other angels were flying in to join the formation. It certainly looked like they were joining forces for a reason. I asked them what was going on and why they were gathering. The answer I received was that “the time is drawing near.” The great face-off with the dark forces was coming, and they were responding to the need to meet it with the full force of angelic light.

The Angel Songs

During this time I also received what I call The Angel Songs. These were initially given to me to sing in order to heal people, and to call in the Angelic helpers when they were needed in ceremony. The Angel Songs start off as a lullaby. Then they offer a call to the angels. Then pure tones from the angelic realms come into connect the soul to the angels. All this is done only when instructed, and only when the soul by its own free will wanted to connect to the light. People have routinely asked me to share the Angel Songs in The Priestess Path temple and also in my presentations. I have just begun to share them with the public. You can watch my first Church singing of them in the oldest church in London, All Hallows here:

>>Click here to watch the Angel Songs

There are more angelic experiences, but they would take up more room and time to share. What is interesting to me is that these final angelic experiences occurred just a couple years before my husband and I started dating. From hindsight, I can see that they were clearly preparing me for the task at hand.

Enheduanna, (c. 2300 BC) High priestess of Inanna

Enheduanna, (c. 2300 BC) High priestess of Inanna

The Priestess Lineage

One of the light lineages that has almost been extinguished from the planet is The Priestess Path. Priestesses once flourished 5,000 years ago at the historical dawn of civilization. The first priestess in conventional recorded history is a woman by the name of Enheduanna. Enheduanna was the High Priestess, or “EN” priestess, of the goddess Inanna. She lived five thousand years ago, (2285-2250 BCE), and presided over the Temple of the Moon God. This was also called Nanna, within the grand city of Ur in ancient Sumeria. She was appointed the position from her father, Sargon the Great, and led the spiritual life of the people. Many people do not know that she is also the first-known author in all of recorded history.

Enheduanna’s Hymns to the Goddess Inanna, known as the “Sumerian Temple Hymns,” are the first writings and poems attributed to a specific author. This makes a priestess the first known author in history, or in this case, her-story.

Enheduanna’s Sumerian Temple Hymns — the first writings attributed to a specific author

Enheduanna’s Sumerian Temple Hymns — the first writings attributed to a specific author

“[S]he is credited with creating the paradigms of poetry, psalms, and prayers used throughout the ancient world, which led to the development of the genres recognized in the present day.” — (ancient.eu)

Many women walked in Enheduanna’s footsteps on the Priestess Path. Priestesses flourished in ancient Greece and Rome. These early Western priestesses lived in the many gorgeous temples to the Goddess that graced these magnificent cities. Many priestesses in ancient times enjoyed a blessed lifestyle, in which they were cared for by the community and had all their needs provided. That way, they could focus on serving Spirit by embodying the Goddess and blessing the people. The Priestess Path flourished on planet earth for 2,700 years as women were offered the role of priestess in society. Serving as such was an honored and respected role.

It wasn’t until the negative wing of patriarchal religion made priestesses and the temples to the Goddess illegal. The last of the priestesses presided over the Temple of Vesta in Rome until the year 394AD, when the emerging religion, Christianity, outlawed the temple and her priestesses. As time went on and the religious climate became violent, women who practiced the ways of the Goddess and healing were hunted, persecuted and murdered. The Catholic Inquisitions began in the 9th century AD, and were some of the most brutal times for women who dared to embody priestess wisdom. During the Inquisitions, unthinkable acts of darkness were inflicted on women by the so called “pious” men of the Clergy. This violence toward the Goddess continued through the infamous “Burning Times,” when millions of women were burned in Europe for “witchcraft.” This could be for something as simple as making herbal tea.

It is shocking to note that the last of the accused “witches,” Mary Hicks and her daughter Elizabeth, were killed in 1716 AD in England — only 200 years ago. (thoughtco.com)

The Return of the Priestesses

After 2,000 years of slumber, the priestesses return. The Priestess Path is a vessel of priestess wisdom from the world over. The Priestess Path is a Divine Feminine Lineage of Light. It is gaining popularity among women who feel a call toward the Divine and Divine service in this lifetime. The path of the priestess is a valid role for women in society. The number of priestess programs and mystery schools sprouting up all over the globe is a testament to the rise of the Feminine Divine in the heart and soul of women worldwide. Today, it is safe for a woman in the Western world to walk the path of the priestess.

This is not so for many women in the world. Many would still be stoned to death today for daring to step out as sovereign women dedicated to Divine gnosis and sacred service. It was clearly not safe for Mary and Elizabeth Hicks in 1716. Nor, I dare say, would it have been allowed during the “Beaver Cleaver era” of the 1950’s and early 60’s. As I have said many times before, the Western woman has a window of opportunity right now to step into the role of priestess. May the mystery schools with genuine, solid wisdom shine brightly for those who are attracted to these ways.

I think it is no cosmic accident that during the opening ceremony of the 2013 Olympics in Greece, women dressed as priestesses lit the Hearth Fire once again. To me, this is a symbol of the return of the priestesses. It also alludes to the re-lighting of the sacred hearth fires that burn in the Temple to the Goddess Vesta. The priestesses and the fire of the goddess return.


The Priestess Path Lineages of Light

There are many priestess paths that flow like rivers into one great sea of priestess wisdom. Priestess wisdom flows to us from the Sumerians, Egyptians, Eastern Indians, Druids and Celts, Mayans, Taoists, Shinto, Magdalene and Essene, to name a few. When I was in my early 20’s and thought of what I wanted to do with my life and was attracted to the sacred way. I just wanted to train, do art, commune with nature, and have my healing practice. I wished many times that I could just go live in a temple and be a priestess. I would have gladly taken that road if it had been presented to me, but back then, before the internet, there were no priestess schools around. The universe did grace me in my late 20’s, with the Priestess Process when I met Divina who was an initiate of Nichole Christine. There was no question that this was for me. I jumped right in the initiation and emerged as a Priestess in 1999. I was very quiet about this and shy and kept this under wraps for many years, until a few years ago, when the call of the Goddess was just too strong to ignore.

Eight years ago, I was visited by a being that identified as the Golden Goddess in a vision. She brought me into her fold and asked me to help “anchor in the Divine Feminine on earth.” She said that the earth was suffering from the lack of feminine care, compassion and nourishment. The animals, the trees and the elements were thirsty for her and they were tired of being raped and polluted. She said that we have to respect the feminine if we are to come into balance with the earth and evolve as a species.

I had been sharing sacred practices that empower women for many years already, but she wanted something more; something bigger. That is when the Priestess Path was composed as a larger offering. I simmered with it for a few years until I knew I had to offer it on a larger scale. I now offer priestess training throughout the year to sincere seekers of the sacred ways.

Do you need to train in a lineage?

I believe that each one of us has the ability to directly connect to the Divine. Teachers, lineages and guides are helpful if you are drawn to them, and if you want to super-charge your growth. A good teacher will help you avoid the many pitfalls and karmas of life, and can pass on time-tested tools that we could not have figured out on our own. There is absolutely no way I would have figured out the Warrior Codes had they not been handed down to me from my master teacher, after they were given to him by his master teacher, et cetera. The benefit of a good teacher is that you can make great advances by opening your vessel and receiving the wisdom that has been carried forth all these years — by the masters that have gone before.

All that being said, I do not believe you must join a lineage or apprentice a master in order to be a success, to gain enlightenment or to ascend. Many people come in with knowledge from past lives. Personally, I was magnetized to these lineages by some sort of internal tractor beam or soul contract. I could think of nothing else when I was younger but to apprentice masters, sleep on floors, and go to jungles and mountaintops to fulfill my quest. I believe that each of us has a soul calling and commitment, and the homing device is inside us.

Your soul calling is for whatever you feel most pulled toward that is good; whatever you cannot stop thinking about, providing that it is of benefit to others. Even darkness and depression can be doorways to our good. Without my eating disorder, I would not have had the drive to find our how to heal the soul, which led me to the lineages of light that I studied and now carry.

I have great gratitude for those men and women who have carried this wisdom to us today. Many of them gave their lives to do so. It is because of the bravery and dedication of these light warriors that we have the lineages of light to bless us at this moment in time. And, as many lineage holders are aware of today, if the wisdom is to survive, the teachings must be sincerely studied, carried and given — and I do mean sincerely studied.

Too many people take a weekend workshop or see someone else’s information and then say they are the teacher. This is not how the lineages will be preserved. A true carrier will have studied in a lineage for years in order to authentically understand and transmit the knowledge. This takes serious dedication and commitment that is rare these days.

The traditional levels of involvement with a lineage is to begin as a Seeker, advance to Initiate, progress to Adept, to Master then, if they survive long enough and pass the wisdom on, to Grandmaster. This progression takes decades of intense commitment and study under a true master of these lineages.

Today, many seekers present themselves as adepts or masters when they have not even gone through the most basic initiatory phase. This can be frustrating and confusing to true seekers wanting to learn from real teachers.

Nevertheless, this modern climate of watered-down wisdom is a necessary evil if these lineages are to remain alive. We must tolerate a climate of “search engine shamans” and the mass appropriation of content. At the same time we also want to call attention to the importance of true learning in these lineages, if one would like to say they are qualified to teach the wisdom from them.

The true seeker of knowledge must allow for those humble years of learning, and not be too eager to step out as the Grandmaster or High Priestess just because it looks cool and one can dress the part. Through the careful preservation of the deep discipline involved in these ancient traditions, the integrity and purity of the wisdom will be retained and the lineages can live on.

It is also important to note that many people come in with knowledge. Because we are eternal souls on an eternal timeline, a soul can have many lifetimes as a medicine carrier, priest or priestess. In fact there is a prophesy of the return of the priestesses that states the priestess souls that once lived in the flourishing Goddess-loving cultures of Greece, Rome, India, etc. would be making their return at this time, when the suppressive patriarchal culture begins to dismantle and they can freely practice again.

The dismantling of the patriarchy is necessary if human kind will progress to a life of harmony with each other and the earth. For thousands of years, a suppressive, right-by-force patriarchal power structure has dominated this earth. When I was growing up, I considered myself one of the “system’s busters” whose purpose it was to break this destructive paradigm. I never had a “real” job as I knew I was making a new pathway the needed to be plowed.

Now, we can clearly see the cracks in the architecture of the negative patriarchy. Just within the last few years we have witnessed the exposure of sexual crimes against children world-wide, including the unveiling of pedophilia within the Church. The #metoo movement that broke in the Fall 2017 dissolved the overt patriarchy of Hollywood and crimes therein. Women can be CEO’s, a black man can be president, and I am sure that soon, a woman will be president. The System is weak. It is heaving back and forth and cracking under the pressure of those that are making a stand for the sacred. This brings me to the heart of the sacred warrior.

You matter. Your voice matters, your dreams matter. Today, like no other day in history, you can make your own way and make a change. My rally call is to take a stand for the sacred. Incorporate sacredness into your daily life and your work. There is always something to do. Animals, trees, children and the downtrodden always need a helping hand. You affect your friends, your family, your work, and this world with every act and word you speak. Use those words and actions well.

A simple way to find your sacred stand and holy cause is to ask the child in you what they wanted to do “when you grew up”? Whatever that is, go out and do it. Do it with joy, do it with love. Doing what we love returns the sacred to this earth. The old guard that persecuted the wisdom carriers of the lineages of light is dying. The weight of thousands of years of darkness that the wisdom keepers had to hide from has lifted.

Each one of us affects the outcome of the fate of this world and what you do matters. May you find your path of heart and may sacredness flow into this earth through each and every one of you!

Long live the Lineages of Light!


Elizabeth Wilcock is the creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light. Her mission is to help protect and preserve sacred wisdom and offers the Priestess Path for women to embody our Divine essence, power and mission. See https://elizabethwilcock.com

Rise of the Feminine & The Fall of Corrupt Kings


The return of the feminine light is celebrated today on St. Brigid's Day. Traditionally a candle is lit to honor and celebrate the return of the feminine fire that brings nature back to life from winter's slumber.

As the ice melts and the flowers bud, I was moved to honor this High Holy feminine day with an article about the Rise of the Feminine and the Fall of the Corrupt Kings.

We live in a very exciting time when the Divine Feminine power returns to earth, just in the nick of time. The earth is sorely out of balance. We are desecrating the land, the air and the water at an alarming rate and many species are going extinct from the destruction of their environment. This desecration has been at the hands of an out-of-balanced humanity that has not respected the earth, innocence, or the sacred feminine. As the destruction still continues at an alarming rate, we are seeing a hopeful turn of events as we witness the return of the feminine and her sacred warriors before our very eyes.

As the Goddess awakens on the world stage, she has some clean-up to do. We are witnessing the exposure of sexual abuses of women embedded in institutions like Hollywood, the Catholic Church and other "spiritual" organizations.

A great change is occurring as the Divine Feminine awakens from thousands of years of forced slumber.

The ice is melting and we have the honor of watching the Goddess shake off her sleep, take off her shackles, and return to earth with the fierce and beautiful force of spring.

As the feminine awakens, there are some old structures of abuse that need to go. The dark nests of corrupt kings are being exposed and the torch of justice is shining on their true nature.

Abusive individuals who have been protected for decades by the megalithic power structures they hide within are being stripped of their protective cover and exposed. Then they are being taken down.


The power of the #metoo movement has spread her fierce and protective wings across the globe — and the world is responding.

The fall of kings is predicted by eclipses.

We just experienced a grand lunar eclipse January 2019. It was officially called the Super Blood Wolf Moon Full Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are historically associated with the fall of kings. It was stunning to watch as the moon slowly turned blood red in color, following the historic fall of some of the most corrupt kings we have ever seen.

In perfect celestial synchronicity, just weeks before in December we witnessed the fall of some of the most immoral and corrupt spiritual abusers in history.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 1.02.57 PM.png

The New York Times reports that Catholic Cardinal George Pell was convicted of "historical sex offenses". While the ages of the victims have yet to be revealed, the reports that some of the violations took place on a playground suggest his victims were children. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/30/world/australia/cardinal-george-pell-trial-sexual-abuse.html

The archetype of the pedophile priest is no longer tolerated. Women and children are now empowered with the knowledge that they will be heard, and their innocence defended by the noble men who still exist on this planet.

Then, during this same time window of the eclipse, we saw the fall of another "spiritual" guru, John of God. He is currently accused by 600 women of sexual abuse! His rape victims include his own underage daughter, who pubicaly called him a "monster".

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Hundreds of thousands of people deified "John of God" while he secretly raped at least hundreds of different women in a dark room. He has also has shockingly been accused of running a breeding business where he kidnapped young homeless women, had his male followers rape them repeatedly, and then sold off the children to the highest bidder, for amounts up to 40,000 Euros. The New York Times and other news outlets reported that the mothers were then murdered after ten years of this torture. The witnesses have already spoken, and so have the perpetrators, who said they eventually “got tired” of doing this and covering up his crimes. Perhaps now he may more aptly be called “John of Hell”.

Another surprising element of this story is the bizarre occult problems that happened to those who sought to bring this man to justice. As reported in the UK Mirror, “Police who grilled him reported “bizarre” incidents during the interview, such as the computer typing the letters ‘OOOOOO’ repeatedly, the printer starting to print without receiving a command, and the mini-fridge in the room exploding, according to reports. Meanwhile, a police clerk, who was meant to transcribe the faith healer's testimony at the police station in the rural town of Annapolis, was run over in a car accident and broke his arm.”

If this sounds like black magic, you would be correct. This story is very important in that the world is learning that occult forces really can exert telekinetic influences upon our native reality, much like in the case of poltergeists. Whatever was happening with this man, it was not simply a fraud. He was and still is tapping into some sort of genuine spiritual influence, which in this case is obviously very negative. It is interesting to note that the investigating police clerk who was run over by a car did not actually die, but only broke his arm. Very likely the forces involved in this had hoped it would kill him, to “send a message.”

What is further interesting is that John of God did actually perform healings… many of them. From a spiritual perspective, it is important to note that negative spiritual entities are capable of performing healings. The whistleblower Svali reported that Illuminati victims of ritual abuse, including their own members, could be very quickly healed up by supernatural spiritual forces within their ceremonies, by harnessing the power of the group consciousness. In this way, cuts, bruises and other deliberately inflicted injuries could be greatly reduced, if not eliminated — and thus help to conceal their crimes even further.

My husband David Wilcock and I share the same thoughts in this case. This case is a very sad but very significant example of spiritual warfare that has now become part of our real-world dialogue. We believe the entities who were coming through JOG needed the “loosh” or intense negative energy that was generated from the suffering he inflicted upon these women. Negative entities feed on negative energy. Once a bargain is formed between a human and negative possessing spirit, the spirit will need to be fed by the suffering of innocents. Only then will it contribute the energy needed to perform seeming miracles.

It may not have always been the case that JOG channeled evil spirits. He may have at first have been working with positive helping spirits or Angels, but transgressed and lost his connection. It is Universal spiritual knowledge that the spirits will take their gift of power away if you break the rules and begin infringing upon the free will and happiness of others, or otherwise taking actions in private that significantly contradict your message. It could be that this is what happened with John of God, and instead of humbly resigning or paying his karmic dues to regain his blessing power, he may have struck a deal with negative entities to keep up the work. The problem is that the negative spirits need this pay-off of suffering.

The good news is that the exposure and fall of John of God and the other guru-type sex offenders shows that the light is winning. This also appears to be happening with the greatest planetary villain of all — the Deep State. It is widely acknowledged now that this group has been bombarding us with their occult symbolism through mainstream pop-culture media, film, TV shows, video games and various awards ceremonies. All of the accusations that have been levied against them are now being proven true, as in the case of Weinstein and other monsters and now Cardinal Pell.


Another highly interesting real-life synchronicity is that right while I have been sitting here and writing this article for you, a huge dead tree on the neighbor’s property fell over and smashed into our yard. The branches hit our windows and almost broke them, but our boundaries held.


The tree had died from the California drought and had been leaning over for months. The neighbor has been completely absent for nearly a year, and a variety of intense disputes had occurred before then. This was a very dramatic real-world illustration of the Fall of Kings — the collapse of their dead and rotting institutions.

The unveiling of such horrific abuses by male guru-type authority figures may be harrowing, but the fact that the cleansing of the corrupt king is happening now is of monumental historical importance — and very exciting.

The world will never be the same.

Never before in the entire time of recorded history have we witnessed such a swift and clean takedown of corrupt kings, who are violating women and the innocence of children.

Men have traditionally been allowed to get away with the institutional abuse of women and children for thousands of years with little to no consequence. Now that time is over! As the Divine Feminine awakens, as she has been prophesied to do, she says: No more! And the world listens.

The Divine Feminine returns.

Women have an innate sense of where the honorable boundaries are that preserve the innocent. As the Goddess awakens, she is not having any of this crusty, patriarchal abuse crap — and the support of the world is on her side.

One woman spoke up about John of God's abuse on live television, which alerted the other victims and gave them permission to also speak up. As of this writing, there are 600 women who had the courage to tell the story they have been keeping silent.

One woman spoke up. One woman.


This is not to say that all women are noble and use their power kindly or wisely. I know many women who do not. Just as the I Ching speaks about the “superior man” in contrast to the “inferior man”, a woman can clearly use her will in inferior or superior ways. The universal benchmark is honor, integrity and nobility. We are calling for Noble rule and compassionate power structures that honor the beauty and innocence on this planet. The predators are being overthrown, and predatory rule is being exposed by the Higher forces.

Thankfully, the noble men, the superior men, are here to listen to the call of the sacred and defend innocence. Once corruption is exposed, they are the ones are carrying out the difficult and dangerous task of manually putting the corrupt masculine in it’s place. The archetype of the noble man has always honored and protected the sacred feminine. The fact that there are inferior men in this world that will prey on the innocent creates the need for a superior man to keep the inferior in check. The I Ching speaks a lot about the ways of superior men. I have been extensively immersed in ancient warrior societies for much of my life having been trained by martial art masters and grandmasters, owning five martial art schools myself and earning five black belts. I have embodied many of the codes that have been passed down through the sacred warrior systems for thousands of years and, as a master instructor in the martial art schools I was and still am responsible for transmitting them. Without our noble men who are willing and able to protect the sacred feminine which includes women, children and the beauty of this earth, then the inferior men will desecrate Her. This is just the way of things. So a huge thanks goes out to those noble men, many whose names and faces will never be seen, who are the muscle for the takedowns of these corrupt kings.

Due to the increased vibration energies of this time, there is no place to hide. The tide is strong and justice is swift. The immoral and corrupt kings will fall, and we will witness it. This is definitely a case of “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. This is the tip of the iceberg. Many more will follow, and the feminine will be much more honored in the generations to come. The feminine, in my definition, is the noble aspects of beauty, innocence, trust, compassion, and nurturing. To delve deeper into why the vibration is increasing on this planet, you can reference my husband’s work on interplanetary climate change and Ascension.

This is the earth-changing power of the noble feminine at this time.

I am deeply grateful to be alive on this planet at this potent time, and to witness the return of the exalted and noble aspects of the feminine. I feel the immense importance of this time as well as a responsibility to anchor in a template of the feminine that is strong, sacred, and empowered, while also honoring the noble aspects of the masculine. As we expose the injustices, it is important that we do not turn to the negative. Women have a responsibility to come into our power in a noble way — an topic for another article at another time.

The alchemy between the noble masculine and the sacred feminine is inseparable. As I said earlier in this article, the noble masculine protects the feminine and thereby, gives her a safe place to unfurl her beauty and her innocence. Again, I speak of the earth and her creatures when I speak of the feminine. If there are no noble men to stand with the sacred feminine, then the feminine turns masculine herself, hard and harsh to put the inferior masculine in its place. We can see hints of this in our society and in our relationships. We need our noble men strong, vibrant, and awakened not castrated as the dark forces would prefer and it does the feminine no good to castrate good men. Noble men allow for sacred feminine. The noble masculine force whether it be in men or women, allows for the innocence and beauty of the feminine to unfurl in a safe and sacred space without the fear of being raped, used or abused. Having been raised inside of warrior societies, I can go on and on about this but I will save that for another article as well. I do speak deeply about the alchemy of the uplifting relationship between the masculine and the feminine in my Priestess Path courses.

We are witnessing the results of the Divine Feminine returning to the world stage. As she awakens, she looks around at the state of affairs and has some housecleaning to do — and justice to be served.

The exposure and the fall of corrupt kings has a holographic imprint in each of our lives.

I can clearly see it in mine. You may ask yourself: Where in your life is the immoral and corrupt king, boss or guru who is being exposed? What are you doing to state your boundaries and speak up for how you need to be treated — to clear the way for your innocence and freedom to safely unfurl?

In keeping with the holographic medicine of the time, I am right in the middle of this myself. I am making clear spoken boundaries to state how I can and cannot be treated by a certain male authority figure in my life. I am willing to "shoot the hostage" (a term one of my martial art masters used frequently) and leave this environment, or I am open to this person respecting me. I will only remain in his orbit if he can hold a safe space for my innate innocence. [Just to avoid confusion, this has nothing to do with my husband, any family member or professional affiliate, past or present. Thankfully, I am fully loved and supported by those closest to me.]

It is important that we keep our focus on the positive as we are setting boundaries and cleaning up abuses in our personal lives and on the world stage. Very positive change is occurring. If you read any of my husband’s work, he will say that the Ascension energies are upon us — and the wheat is being separated from the chaff. The epic collapse of abusive patriarchal structures, much like the tree I just witnessed come slamming down, is paving the way for a re-birth. The Temples and safe places are being restored, where the feminine can be in sacred communion and unfurl her beauty without being energetically or physically raped.

So, keep your head up. The process is going amazingly well and civilization-defining changes are now upon us.

The Divine Feminine is arising. She is awakening through each and every one of us, bringing her wisdom and guidance and a renewed spirit.

How is the Divine Feminine shaping your life?

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You are resilient.

You are strong!

For the love of earth and beauty!



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