#metoo: Woman Rising

Rising up from the wounds
of collective and personal history
the Feminine is remembering Her Divinity

no longer content to shut up and put up

she has tasted her sacredness
and witnessed her true light

she may have kept silent and small
for a time
in her own life and in the course of his story

but today, there is a force that runs through her --

a force like the roar of a lion
a force like the fierce strike of thunder
a force that tells her, “You can make history.”

you can change the world for good
you can anchor in the sacred
you can stand up for the forests
and the animals and the innocents
and yourself

You, woman, can choose
to stand in your power and your beauty
to make your voice heard
make your life and count.

You, woman, are powerful beyond measure
you are a force of Nature
a portal of Creation

All life is born through you
nurtured by you
soothed by you

Through you, Light is given life

Woman, now is your time to stand up
be counted
speak your truth with love,
make your sacred stand

and never, ever give your light
or your sacredness away
to anyone or anything

Ah ho,

ElizaBeth, Temple Holder and Initiator on The Priestess Path