13 The Holy Number of the Goddess

Happy Friday the 13th!

The number thirteen is found in the harmony of the earth's cycles, moon cycles, women's cycles, and in the cosmic order of the universe. It is interesting to note that for hundreds, if not thousands of years, this number has been made out to be "unlucky".

We clearly see that there are thirteen moons in one year. The ancient Maya and Native American cultures used the cycles of the full moon to tell the time. There are exactly 13 full moon cycles in one solar year with one sacred day out of time. You can get 13 Moon Mayan Calendars if you wish to follow moon time.


Native American cultures also used 13 moon calendars. Each of the 13 moons of the year has a name associated which reflects the aspects of the earth and climate when the moon is full.  For example the "Blossoming Moon" in March clearly notes the time when the the plants and trees blossom. The Saanich people of northern most Washington had this thirteen moon calendar:



Thirteen also happens to be the number that marks the half way point from full moon to full moon. Each full moon cycle is 28 days, with day 13 being the half way point.

It is interesting to note that a woman's menstrual cycle is normally 28 days and harmonizes with the moon. Day thirteen of a woman's menstrual cycle is her fertile time and marks the half way point in her monthly cycle.

In the earliest records from Neolithic times, we see goddess figures associated with the number thirteen. This carving is known as the "Venus of Laussel." Found in a shelter in Southern France, it shows a volouptious goddess figure with her right hand holding up a bison horn with thirteen notches engraved in it and her left hand placed upon her pregnant belly. The thirteen notches, likely noted the thirteen moons in one year and/or the thirteenth day of her menstrual cycle in which she could get pregnant.



In the mystic teachings of the Hebrew, there are thirteen aspects that make up the body of God. There are thirteen Sephiroth in the Tree of Life, the thirteenth realm being that of Ain, which is the unmanifest, yet all-potential aspect of God.



Throughout the course of history, the number thirteen has been feared, vilified and marketed as "unlucky". For instance, the number thirteen is known as the "Devil's Dozen" the fear of the number thirteen is known as Triskaidekaphobia. Fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia.

And let's not forget, the noble Knights Templar, who protected Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, met their fate on Friday the 13th in 1307. The King of France feared their power and wealth and got Papal support to massacre, arrest and seize all the assets of this powerful and noble group of warriors. Likely, this attributed to the fear of 13 and Friday the 13th.

Fear of the number 13, could also come from there being 12 Apostles of Jesus and then Judas the 13th, who betrayed him. Fear of the number 13 is also clearly the fear of the Goddess and women which resulted in the Christian vilification of this trinity: The Goddess, Women and the number 13. This world wide fear has crept up to the present moment in time, but many are seeing through the veneer of fear into the sacred reality and origins of the number 13.

Rock on 13, we love you!




Karma Release Ceremony

Karma Release Ceremony:

1) Imagine the person, place, event, or emotional pattern that you still have issue with. See it as a symbol.

2) Get a fresh tea light candle or votive candle (beeswax or soy is best). Put it in a candle holder so it is safe to burn.

3) Light the candle and imagine a color - whatever color comes to you. This will be the transmutation color.

4) Now imagine that you step into the center of the person/event/place and see the colored flame burning inside of it transmuting it.

5) Speak these words:

"Now, all karma with (person/place/event/emotional pattern)
on the subconscious, conscious, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul planes of every reality
Burns gently, easily, effortlessly,
As the karmic lessons and patterns of all
simultaneous existences
Integrate with ease and grace into the
Conscious, subconscious, super conscious, and soul systems
Of everyone and everything concerned.
We are at peace.
Miracles happen every day.
This or something better
for the Highest Good now occurs."

6) Leave the tea light or votive burning in a safe place burning, transmuting the karma. Release the ceremony. If you need to leave the house, you can put it out and re-light it when you come back.

7) Let it go, it is done.

(This ceremony is a summary from the book The Evolution Solution by Gabrielle Alizay)


ElizaBeth, Temple Holder and Initiator on The Priestess Path



Welcome to the Priestess Path!

In traditional cultures, women who served as priestesses held an honored place in society. Historically, their numbers were few
and they forsook traditional life.

Then came the dark ages ruled by religion and patriarchy
when women of power
were systematically silenced and removed.

Today, things in the West have changed and
the role of priestess is re-emerging as a valid position
for women in modern society.
Many women are hearing the call to embody the Divine Feminine,
to share our medicine and make a stand for the sacred here on earth.

Western women are privileged to have the freedom to embody the sacred
and to serve and worship Great Spirit, Divine Mystery and the Goddess openly.
We also have the opportunity to stand in co-empowerment
with the masculine, honoring each other's
unique essence and gifts.

While every woman carries the blueprint of the sacred within her,
not every woman makes the choice to live from this place --
nor does she have the freedom.
The lineage knowledge available for her initiation
into the sacred wisdom teachings is also rare to find
and extremely important to acquire.

The Divine Feminine sacred mysteries live on in the lineages of light.
This Temple offers a unique opportunity for women to align with the Divine
and embody wisdom teachings of the lineages and sacred feminine.

The very survival of the sacred ways
depends on the women who do this.

Every being is endowed with the power of the Creator.
If you choose, you can use your life to touch this earth with beauty.
You make the choice and the Universe comes to support you.

You have the power to honor the earth, her creatures,
the sacred feminine and masculine, and create sanctuary wherever you are.

This is the call to the Priestess Path.
It is an eternal call to your true self as a Divine being of power and Light.

Men and women have risked their lives and even paid the ultimate price
to preserve these initiations so that we can receive them.

Inside this Temple lies wisdom and knowledge
that has survived the test of time.

This Temple receives sincere initiates who desire
to be a blessing in the world,
to carry these lineages forth
in love and grace.

ElizaBeth, Temple Holder and Initiator on the Priestess Path


Autumn Equinox

The fruits of summer have all been eaten and the leaves of the trees begin to fall...

In Autumn we feel the winds of change taking away the light of the long days, bringing a slight chill and reminding us of the impermanence of all things. Here is a simple autumn ceremony to do with yourself or our community to let go so that we can begin to dream in the new.


Make a nice space for yourself. Tidy up your sacred space, make some tea. Get some paper and a pen or pencil. Light a candle and some incense. Take a few deep breaths and let go. Sit up nice and tall, let any stress fall away.


Call in your guides, guardian angels, Great Spirit/Creator/God/Goddess/Infinite Intelligence.


Think back upon the summer months: What has your experience been? Who are the characters in your Divine play? What have you learned? What pains and sorrows have come and what lessons dis they bring? Re-capitulate the gifts, the harvest of summer. Write them down.


Anchor in the lessons learned and cut from the plants that you are ready to let go. You may say aloud that you bless and release such and such or so and so. You may want to burn or bury that which you are letting go of. You may want to keep a list of that which you are keeping for the Winter. A list, a collage, a drawing can represent the harvest, the bounty that will nourish you throughout the winter. Keep only that which adds to your strength. Let go that which weakens, be it thoughts or otherwise.

Thank you & Release

Thank the powers that you have called in. You may ask for their continued guidance and protection.

Autumn blessings to you!

ElizaBeth, Temple Holder and Initiator on The Priestess Path