The fruits of summer have all been eaten and the leaves of the trees begin to fall…

In Autumn we feel the winds of change taking away the light of the long days, bringing a slight chill and reminding us of the impermanence of all things. Here is a simple autumn ceremony to do with yourself or our community to let go so that we can begin to dream in the new.


Make a nice space for yourself. Tidy up your sacred space, make some tea. Get some paper and a pen or pencil. Light a candle and some incense. Take a few deep breaths and let go. Sit up nice and tall, let any stress fall away.


Call in your guides, guardian angels, Great Spirit/Creator/God/Goddess/Infinite Intelligence.


Think back upon the summer months: What has your experience been? Who are the characters in your Divine play? What have you learned? What pains and sorrows have come and what lessons dis they bring? Re-capitulate the gifts, the harvest of summer. Write them down.


Anchor in the lessons learned and cut from the plants that you are ready to let go. You may say aloud that you bless and release such and such or so and so. You may want to burn or bury that which you are letting go of. You may want to keep a list of that which you are keeping for the Winter. A list, a collage, a drawing can represent the harvest, the bounty that will nourish you throughout the winter. Keep only that which adds to your strength. Let go that which weakens, be it thoughts or otherwise.

Thank you & Release

Thank the powers that you have called in. You may ask for their continued guidance and protection.

Autumn blessings to you!

ElizaBeth, Temple Holder and Initiator on The Priestess Path